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I am Tracey, intuitive herbalist and naturopath

Thank you for being here, I truly feel humbled and blessed to have your presence.

It is my heartfelt wish that you find what you need on your healing journey to experience alignment and harmony on all levels of your being and to experience deep connection to our Earth, the Great Mother…as I have…



Bachelor of Nursing Science
Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine
Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
NHAA Member 156504
CMA Member 2371


My philosophy on health and healing is one that is deeply rooted in connection to our Earth, the Great Mother, as a source of healing, wisdom, inspiration and nourishment. Plant medicines gifted to us from nature are powerful healers, assisting us with health on all levels. Health challenges offer us an invitation to step onto a path of deeper growth and exploration from which authentic healing is borne.


Where are you in your healing journey?

You desire a feeling of ease and comfort and to actually enjoy being in your body.

You’re ready to move on from ongoing symptoms such as digestive issues, menstrual irregularities, low energy or poor immunity being a part of daily life. You want to navigate menopause or your menstrual cycle with ease, experience restorative sleep and find your balance. 

You dream of moving through life feeling vibrantly alive with clarity, connection and purpose.

You’re ready to shift from feeling depleted, foggy and overwhelmed. You are seeking to move beyond the stress, anxiety, frazzled nerves and emotional swings. 

You are ready to commit to your healing and feel that there’s more to your health issue than just the physical. You know there are deeper layers to explore that are the key to real and lasting change. 

What if you experienced freedom from merely surviving the busyness of life, a feeling of freedom within your body? What if this could free up your time and energy to be truly present for yourself, your loved ones and life?


There is good medicine to be found in nature, it is long lasting and heals the soul



How your consultation will work

Your consultations will take place in Tracey’s clinic, a nurturing and grounding sanctuary, where you can slow down and finally give your health the attention it deserves.

If you are not able to visit the clinic in person, consultations can be done online via Skype or Zoom.


Initial 90 minute ConsultatioN

Your first session with me is an in depth exploration of your health issue. 

During this session I will listen to your story, gathering information. We explore details of your current health issue, your health history and many other areas including lifestyle, sleep, energy levels, stress, nutrition and review each body system. Diving into your mental and emotional world is also important to me to form a holistic overview of the health issue. We will also discuss your goals and desires for your health and wellbeing.

At the end of the consultation I conduct a physical assessment including iridology, hair, tongue and nail analysis. I take into account any previous results from medical pathology testing.

After the initial consultation I’ll go away with the information gathered to identify root causes and how symptoms are connected using intuitive insight, traditional wisdom and modern medical knowledge. I will formulate and clearly set out a plan for the next steps on your healing journey.


Follow up 30-60 minute Consultation:

We will meet for a follow up consultation a week later to walk you through your health plan.

In this session I will talk you through and discuss each element of the plan with you. This session will give you the opportunity to gain clarity on what you need to do, how to do it and why I am recommending it.

I will curate a written plan for you to take home which will include:

  • An overview of how I view the root causes and contributing factors of your health issue - putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • Our intentions for your health and wellness moving forward.

  • The herbs, flower essences and other remedies I have chosen for you and how they are supportive of your health.

  • Simple and sustainable wholefood nutrition advice.

  • Supportive lifestyle tweaks and self-care tasks.

  • Resources, rituals, visualisations or meditations that may be required for deeper work when needed


You will also take home healing remedies chosen specifically for you. These may include:

A handcrafted herbal toniC

A flower essence blend

High quality nutritional supplements when necessary

Other herbal remedies including handcrafted salves, ointments, teas or poultices


Ongoing Support ConsultationS

Ongoing support and guidance is offered in either 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.

The length and frequency of these sessions will be determined by both the complexity of your health needs and your individual requirements for support, guidance and accountability. 

These sessions allow us to review your progress, celebrate your successes, discuss any challenges, create alternative solutions if needed and set out the next steps for you. This will enable you to keep travelling on your healing journey with clarity of where you are at and how far you have come.

It will provide space for a deeper exploration of the emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of your health while your physical needs are tended to. 


TraceyMcLean-Element-Two Centre.png

Consultation Packages

initial consultation ~ 90 Minutes ~ $130

Follow up consultation - 30 minutes $50 / 60 minutes $90

Ongoing consultations - 30 minutes $50 / 60 minutes $90


Will this be right for you?

My Herbalist & Naturopathic services are right for your if:

  • You know, despite what you may have been told, that the symptoms you are experiencing are very real and that there is an alternative to just living with it.

  • You are experiencing ongoing symptoms that may be affecting your digestion, nervous system, hormones, sleep, immunity, energy levels or any other body system.

  • You are ready to dive deep, beyond the physical, into the multidimensional nature of your health issue – the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects.

  • You want a truly individualised wellness plan tailored to your goals and desires.

  • You are committed to showing up for yourself, to doing the work and making the necessary changes.

  • You are ready to listen to your own inner guidance and your body’s wisdom instead of feeling dictated to by others and society.

  • You want to work with herbs, flower essences, nutrition and lifestyle changes rather than constantly taking a heap of supplements.



Client Testimonials

A client’s holistic healing journey

~ TESTIMONIAL BY Cassie Haddock ~

I met Tracey at a point in my life when I was struggling with hormone imbalances.  I had been to seen gynaecologist and a homeopath in the past but found that neither of the treatments provided to me had any long term effect. I found within the first month of treatment my menstrual cycles regulated and I was dropping excess weight gained while trying to manage the same issues with the pill.

My initial appointment we discussed my health concerns and past history.  Tracey made me feel comfortable and relaxed with her caring and professional manner.  I never feel rushed in my appointments and she has approached my issues with a holistic view.  She asked pertinent questions to help find the root causes of my health issues in a non-invasive way. Tracey makes my herb mixtures fresh after each consultation and will adjust the mix when necessary ensuring as my body changes so does my treatment.

I have been working with Tracey now for almost 2 years and in this time my overall health has improved which carries on into other areas of my life. I highly recommend Tracey  as a Naturopath and Herbalist and will continue to use her as our families first contact point for all our health issues.

Healing for the whole family


Tracey is a genuine herbalist & naturopath who aims to heal the ‘whole’ person. She is extremely realistic with her treatment of children. Tracey doesn’t put pressure on you to change their diet and add herbs all at once. Being a mother herself she is extremely real and grounded.

Some examples of her magic:

  • She created a herbal mixture for my son that was remarkable at how quickly it helped him with his bowel problems. 

  • She created flower essences for my stress levels that really helped calm my nerves and stop the nervous tension in my stomach.

  • I took my daughter, who is so stubborn and vague, Tracey felt we needed to change her diet to eliminate sugar. This to me, was extremely stressful and overwhelming. Tracey had recipes and suggestions as to how to broach this. This helped take the stress out of it all.

What sets Tracey apart from everyone else is her unique ability to tune in and treat each person as an individual. Using herbs, flower essences and any other products she feels is beneficial to the individual. 


A little about me


I have often been asked the question, what made you decide to become a herbalist and naturopath?

Especially as I worked as a registered nurse in the public hospital system for twelve years prior. Well my answer is always that there never was a decision or choice – it was always a knowing. A knowing from my teenage years that this is what I would always do one day. A knowing that this is my passion, what lights me up and comes straight from my heart. A knowing that these are the gifts I carry and am here to share with others, so that I may help in some small way.

I wanted to study naturopathy when I finished high school…but life had other plans. A move to a remote town in the bush put my desires on hold. In these years I completed a Bachelor of Nursing Science, worked as a registered nurse in the public hospital and was busy having fun. Eventually I began to experience health issues that I could no longer ignore thus triggering my deep search for healing both within and without.


I took some time off work to focus on my health. In this quiet space I knew it was time to listen to the not so quiet whispers of my heart. So I enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine. Throughout my studies I gave birth to my two beautiful children who only made me more determined to be an example to them of what it is to know, listen to and follow your hearts desires.

Moving fully into my life as a herbalist and naturopath brings me much joy. I love nothing more than to hold space for another while they tell their story and to connect into ancient plant wisdom and medicine, weaving the two together.


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