Herbalist & Naturopath


Hello & Welcome

I am Tracey, intuitive herbalist and naturopath.

I am here to walk alongside you offering support and guidance as you journey back to a place of alignment and harmony in your health and wellbeing.

My work is deeply rooted in a connection to traditional herbal wisdom and intuitive insight.

I also draw on knowledge gained from my previous work as a Registered Nurse. I invite you to come sit with me in the comfort of my clinic and tell me your story over a herbal brew.

Together we will dive deep and explore all the layers of your health issue. It would be my joy to connect you with healing remedies from mother nature to assist in restoring your health so that you may live a full and connected life.


How I can help

Helping you to restore alignment and harmony to your health and wellbeing on all levels.

Are you feeling exhausted and burnt out, struggling with a stubborn chronic health issue, experiencing digestive issues, anxiety, sleep struggles or a myriad of other symptoms which leave you feeling disconnected, uncomfortable and uneasy in your own body?

Or do you sense there is more to your health struggle than just the physical symptoms?

I can support and guide you as we explore the multidimensional nature of your health issue to effect deep and lasting shifts in your health. Using healing remedies straight from nature we can address any imbalances or issues bringing you back to a state of health and vitality. 



Let’s work together

I offer 1:1 herbalist & naturopathic consultations here in my Smithfield, North Cairns clinic or online via Skype.

Consultations include:

  • An in-depth holistic assessment and view of your health issue.

  • Intuitive insight and exploration of the multidimensional nature of your health issue – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.

  • Handcrafted, individualised herbal tinctures, teas, salves and flower essences. Supplements are used only when necessary.

  • Simple and sustainable wholefood nutrition and lifestyle advice. 

  • A safe and compassionate space where your story can be truly heard with no judgement. 

  • Support and guidance along the way at the level you require.



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