Testimonial ~ One


Tracey is a genuine herbalist & naturopath who aims to heal the ‘whole’ person.

She is extremely realistic with her treatment of children. Tracey doesn’t put pressure on you to change their diet and add herbs all at once. Being a mother herself she is extremely real and grounded. What sets Tracey apart from everyone else is her unique ability to tune in and treat each person as an individual. Using herbs, flower essences and any other products she feels is beneficial to the individual. 

Some examples of her magic:

  • She created a herbal mixture for my son that was remarkable at how quickly it helped him with his bowel problems. 

  • She created flower essences for my stress levels that really helped calm my nerves and stop the nervous tension in my stomach.

  • I took my daughter, who is so stubborn and vague, Tracey felt we needed to change her diet to eliminate sugar. This to me, was extremely stressful and overwhelming. Tracey had recipes and suggestions as to how to broach this. This helped take the stress out of it all.

TestimonialTracey McLean